María Montero Muñoz

María Montero Muñoz

Associate Professor in the Department of Economics of the University of Vigo




Faculdade de CC. Económicas e Empresariais
Universidade de Vigo
Campus As Lagoas-Marcosende
36310 Vigo, Spain
Tel: (+34) 986812537, Fax: (+34) 986812401



Fields of Specialization

Public Economics, Macroeconomics, Dynamic General Equilibrium Models, Energy Economics

Selected Papers


“Intergenerational effects of a green tax reform for a more sustainable social security system”, (with C. Miguel and C. Bajona), Energy Economics, Vol. 52, Supplement 1, S117-S129, 2015.

“The Great Depression in Spain”, (with E. Giménez), Economic Modelling, 44, 200-214, 2015

Work in progress

"Intergenerational effects of energy when pollution affects health”,  with C. Miguel and C. Bajona.

“From autarky to trade. Spain 1940-1980”, with E. Giménez.

“Gone with the wind. A case study: Galicia”, With E. Giiménez and X. Simón.

“Demographic structure and trade within an overlapping generation model”, with C. Bajona.



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Curriculum Vitae